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Future proofing NextDC’s standby power system

NextDC ‘P2’ Data Centre Fuel System


NextDC Data Centres, Axis Services


Perth, Western Australia

About The Project

NEXTDC’s ‘P2’ Data Centre in Perth’s CBD is configured to have 12 standby diesel generators to ensure reliability and to maintain operations without interruption all day, everyday. The initial install consisted of three generators plus the common infrastructure for all 12 generators.

The facility’s developer, Multiplex, engaged Axis Services to undertake the mechanical and electrical installation of the standby power generation system. After recommendations,Axis commissioned CNF for:

  • Mechanical engineering assistance for the diesel fuel system mechanical piping and tank design, including hydraulic modelling.
  • Functional specification, day tank and lube oil tank mechanical design.
  • Electrical and control system engineering design. This included integration of the remote unloading points with the fuel control system and commissioning of the facility.
  • PLC/HMI supply, programming and commissioning.
  • Assistance to ensure the fuel system design included N + N redundancy to satisfy the Uptime Institute Tier IV reliability requirements, and to retain the business’ leading-edge position as Australia’s most reliable data centre provider.

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Major Achievements

  • Prepared functional specification for Uptime Institute review.
  • Hydraulic modelling of the pipework.
  • Designed the day and lube oil tanks to fit into a congested location.
  • Sizing and selection of the pumps.
  • Design of the electrical control systems.
  • Supply and programming of the control system.
  • Commissioning and Site Acceptance Test for the generator fuel, electrical and control systems.

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