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Bringing manufacturing back to Australia

Onshoring manufacturing




Across Australia

About The Project

A growing number of distributors are wanting to commence or expand the range of equipment manufactured in Australia. This is driven by:

  • The reluctance of overseas suppliers to customise their equipment for the Australian marketplace.
  • Shipping delays.
  • Volatile diplomatic relations and political instability increasing the risk of trade sanctions.

Consequently, CNF has been asked to reverse engineer equipment previously made overseas and imported into Australia. Typically, this involves 3D modelling of the equipment from 2D drawings, modifying the 3D model to suit the locally available manufacturing techniques and then producing drawings for machining and laser cutting.

Alternatively, CNF will work with clients to design from scratch as was the case with a bridge gate mechanism.

To meet WHS Regulations and AS 4024 obligations, CNF prepares risk assessments of the locally produced equipment. This ensures the manufacturer and potential purchasers are fully aware of the risks associated with operating the equipment and can mitigate those risks.

CNF is responsible for:

  • Recreating existing 2D design into a 3D model and then working with machine shop/fabricator to optimise the manufacturing process.
  • Preparing material take-offs and dxf files which can be fed straight into laser cutting machines.
  • Preparing risk assessments for the new equipment, so that appropriate safeguards can be added during the installation phase.

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Major Achievements

  • Lead times for equipment deliveries have been significantly reduced.
  • Customer variants are much easier to implement since both the design and manufacture are locally sourced.

Project Innovations

  • Manufacturing time and costs are reduced because the design is modified after discussions with the fabrication shops so that the design accommodates any limitations or improvements they suggest.

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