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Using biogas recovery for leaner and greener beef processing

Oakey Abattoir biogas recovery


CST Wastewater Solutions, Nippon Meat Packers


Oakey, Queensland

About The Project

Oakey Abattoir is one of Australia’s largest beef processing plants. Its anaerobic lagoon and associated biogas cleaning and recovery facility extracts green energy biogas from wastewater streams to replace millions of dollars worth of natural gas previously consumed by the abattoir. Designed by Global Water Engineering and installed by CST Wastewater Solutions, the plant reduces dependence on expensive supplies of natural gas, reduces the facility’s carbon footprint and produces cleaner waste water.

CNF was engaged by CST Wastewater Solutions to:

  • Undertake a design review to ensure the European design complied with the relevant Australian Standards, particularly those dealing with hazardous areas resulting from explosive gas atmospheres.
  • Provide on-going engineering support for:
    • the equipment purchase;
    • compliance checking;
    • installation and commissioning of the gas processing facility;
    • flare, gas storage and boiler gas supply.

For the civil contractor, CNF was engaged to design the above ground lagoons that collected the wastewater and contained the biomass.

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Major Achievements

  • Several aspects of the equipment had to be modified to comply with Australian Standards.
  • The nature and extent of the hazardous areas created by the production of biogas from the covered anaerobic lagoon were verified for compliance with local standards.
  • Civil design of the aboveground covered anaerobic lagoon.

Project Innovations

  • The biogas pipework to the existing steam boiler was modified to eliminate the development of a hazardous area inside the boiler house.
  • CNF purchased compliant equipment as the overseas design team were unable to source properly certified equipment.

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