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Expanding QANTAS Head Office tri-generation plant

QANTAS trigeneration plant upgrade


Total Construction, Brookfield


Mascot, NSW

About The Project

Brookfield sought to upgrade the capacity of Australia’s largest commercial tri-generation plant, to provide power for QANTAS’ head office, flight catering and other businesses and several future sites within the precinct.

The original plant consisted of boilers, chillers, cooling towers, pumps, piping, and ancillary items. The expansion of the plant included the addition of a new boiler, six cooling towers, heat exchangers and several pumps.

As a result of our success designing the Central Park tri-generation plant and with our extensive heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and building services expertise, CNF was selected to develop the design for the plant upgrade.

Given the congestion at the plant, the design required careful planning of equipment placement and pipe routing to ensure constructability.

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Major Achievements

  • There were no drawings of the existing installation, so CNF undertook the necessary site survey and mapping of existing services.
  • Mechanical design, including pipe material, sizing and routing, hydraulic analysis, system curves and pump selection.
  • Design documentation, including mechanical and isometric drawings, tie-in schedules, valve lists, heat loss and thermal insulation calculations.
  • Balancing the cooling tower headers and allowing sufficient retention capacity for plant shutdowns.

Project Innovations

  • To increase productivity, CNF established a temporary engineering site office. This allowed the mapping of existing equipment and the design of new infrastructure to be progressively verified in the field, and to maintain the quality of the output.
  • CNF’s hydraulic analysis led to fewer pumps to meet flows, which resulted in more efficient power.

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