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Securing Kyogle’s water supply for the future

Kyogle Water Treatment Plant augmentation


Kyogle Council


Kyogle, NSW

About The Project

Kyogle is a town in the Northern Rivers region of northern New South Wales and is known as the ‘gateway to many national parks’. It is located 758km north of Sydney on the Summerland Way close to the Queensland border.

The Kyogle Council commenced an upgrade of the water treatment plant, a once-in-a-generation project to:

  • Improve the township’s water supply;
  • Improve the township’s drought resilience;
  • Reduce water treatment and operational costs; and 
  • Provide more consistent water quality.

The Kyogle Council appointed CNF as the Principal Contractor to oversee the upgrade of this critical piece of infrastructure. We were awarded the contract due to the great success of a similar plant at Cowra that demonstrated our expertise in the water industry and process control. 

The Kyogle Water Treatment plant is the ‘heart’ of the clear water supply system. It is designed to treat 4.0 ML/D, based on 22 operating hours. It has two separate filtrations ‘streams’ that are each capable of treating 2 ML/D. One stream comprises a mixing tank, sedimentation tank and media gravity filters (three in parallel). The other stream includes a flocculator-clarifier and an eight-cell pressure filter system. 

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Major Achievements

  • The treatment plant was kept online and producing water throughout the project while undergoing a major refurbishment of critical plant systems.
  • Careful modelling and analysis of pumping duty points resulted in selecting pumps with lower power consumptions than required under the tender agreement.
  • Upgraded telemetry system able to successfully communicate with various remote sites.

Project Innovations

  • Upgraded and automated the existing pressure filter, which delivered major cost savings for the Kyogle Council. 
  • Latent conditions required innovative design effort to ensure the new pre-fabricated underdrain system could be installed.

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