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A holistic approach to managing water and waste

Googong Water Recycling Plant


John Holland Group, Guideline ACT, Gongues


Googong, NSW

About The Project

In July 2014, detailed design and construction of the Googong Water Recycling Plant (WRP) commenced as part of the Googong Township’s Integrated Water Cycle Project. This innovative project aimed to take a holistic approach to the water and wastewater requirements of a newly developed township to accommodate a growing population.

CNF was selected by several principal contractors, including Gongues and John Holland, to provide the EIC design and construction throughout various stages of the project. This ensured a consistent and integrated solution could be applied across the many different stages including the original Stage AB installation, the Hill 800 pipeline and pump station extension and the Stage C expansion.

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Major Achievements

  • Completed EIC design, construction and commissioning of the plant across multiple stages and expansions.
  • Implemented the control system and SCADA for entire works and integration into council telemetry systems.
  • Incorporated control of membranes systems into the secondary MBR and tertiary filtration plant.

Project Innovations

  • Sophisticated DO control across bioreactors minimising energy usage while optimising control of the process.
  • Optimising control of balance tanks to minimise variations in flow through the chlorine contact pipe, which improves the chlorine dose CT factor control and reduces off-spec waste.

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