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Distributing water throughout NSW’s Central Tablelands

Orange – Carcour pipeline


Leed Constructions


Orange and Carcour, NSW

About The Project

In July 2017 major construction started for a pipeline connecting numerous reservoirs around Orange, Millthorpe and Carcoar in the Central Tablelands region of NSW. The project was of vital significance to the region as it allowed transfer and distribution of water from multiple sources to meet local demand and conditions.

The control system for the pipeline was relatively complex as it required control of three separate pump stations, numerous reservoirs with different flow requirements and many flow direction control modes.

CNF was selected by Leed – the principal contractor – to provide the electrical, instrumentation and control design and build.

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Major Achievements

  • Completed EIC design, construction, and commissioning of multiple pump stations.
  • Designed and built numerous flow control directional modes, considering the fill requirements of several reservoirs at varying heights.
  • Delivered interconnected SCADA control between councils with incompatible telemetry control systems.

Project Innovations

  • Sophisticated pressure and flow control integration.

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