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New technology to supply fresh chicken products to Australians

Oxygen rich Modified Atmosphere Packaging for chicken processing plant


Hazeldenes Chickens


Bendigo, Victoria

About The Project

Hazeldenes Chickens operates a large chicken processing plant near Bendigo, Victoria. To keep at the forefront of industry trends, the Hazeldenes team sought to introduce oxygen rich Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) for its pre-packed product range. This process has great benefit for consumers as it keeps the chicken products fresh. But it creates an oxygen rich atmosphere within the packing hall. This hazardous area requires countermeasures and appropriately rated equipment.

Hazeldenes contacted CNF at short notice to undertake an in-plant audit and to provide direction for the installation so that site works could proceed promptly and meet production deadlines.

After an on-site audit, CNF was responsible for:

  • Providing guidance for the new works.
  • Providing a roadmap to guide the installation works.
  • Reviewing the requirements of oxygen enriched atmospheres (OEA) and parameters of the packaging equipment that had been purchased for the new production line.
  • Reviewing the completed installation for compliance to the guidelines.
  • Ensuring the completed works were correct and compliant.

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Major Achievements

  • Hazeldenes was able to meet its shipping deadlines for the new product line.
  • Hazeldenes introduced the new technology into its plant safely and successfully.

Project Innovations

Due to late finishing site works, the final inspection was undertaken ‘virtually’ in conjunction with the Hazeldenes team on-site, before switching on the new production equipment.

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