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Modernising fire safety systems at the QANTAS jet base

QANTAS fire deluge system




Mascot, NSW

About The Project

The fire deluge system is critical for the safe operation of the maintenance facility at QANTAS’ jet base at Sydney Airport. The system was initially constructed in the early 1970s and upgraded in 1992. While the system still functioned reliably, the control system no longer met the operational requirement of the plant. As a result, QANTAS initiated a project to improve the control system.

CNF was brought on board to:

  • Re-design the control system.
  • Integrate the new control system into the existing infrastructure.

Because the system was exceptionally well documented, and QANTAS had a clear understanding of what the final system functionality needed to be, CNF was able to construct the new fire deluge system in parallel with the existing system, enabling the control system to integrate seamlessly without impacting on operations.

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Major Achievements

  • Updated the original design to current standards.
  • Modernisation of control system architecture and transducers.
  • Integration into the existing remote potable water distribution system.
  • Commissioning and training of key team members.

Project Innovations

  • Existing relay and lamp logic upgraded to PLC/HMI architecture.
  • Integration of system into site intranet system to allow remote monitoring of plant status.

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