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Finding the leanest and greenest environmental initiatives for Unity Water

Environmental Initiatives Analysis


Unity Water


Aura, Queensland

About The Project

Unity Water, water and wastewater provider for the new town development of Aura on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, requested a detailed analysis for energy saving and carbon offset initiatives. Its aim was to better understand the costs and benefits. KBR, Unity Water’s planning partner for this project, engaged CNF to produce the detailed Environmental Initiatives Analysis.

CNF’s analysis included:

  • Drinking Water Reservoir
    • Feasibility of an off-line reservoir with on-site hypo generation.
  • Sewage Pump Station
    • Replacement of on-site diesel generator with battery system back-up.
    • Simulate the use of battery to reduce peak demand charges.
    • Examine PV solar impact on pump station electricity cost.
    • Examine high level feasibility of standalone (off-grid) pump station.

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Major Achievements

  • Two of the selected five initiatives were environmentally and financially beneficial.
  • Extensive engagement with relevant stakeholders to determine the project objectives and constraints.
  • Creating daily and seasonal load patterns including anticipated annual growth rates.
  • Multi-year simulation of hourly load, battery fill level and energy generation profiles.
  • Creating and simulating peak demand shaving battery power supply algorithms.
  • Financial and environmental outcome analysis.
  • Component cost analysis and future trends and their impact on the feasibility of the initiatives.
  • Providing clear traceable input data, logic and assumptions to show whether or not the initiatives were worth pursuing.
  • Preparing shortlist of other initiatives for further study.

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