Spit Bridge



CNF designed, programmed and commissioned the control system for the spit bridge Upgrade project in Sydney, Australia. Motion Control Techniques were applied to moving the 70ton bascule, in an integrated PLC control system. This novel approach enabled the project to be completed on time due to the controllability, reliability and flexibility provided. As a result of the success of this project, CNF was invited to present a technical paper at the 2013 Heavy Movable Structures Symposium in New Orleans, which we duly presented to universal acclaim. 

CNFA Solutions by Design Spit Bridge
CNFA Solutions by Design Chatham Island WInd

Chatham Island Wind


Chatham Island is remotely located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 800km east of New Zealand. The remoteness contributed to the very high electricity cost from the diesel power plant. CNF was commissioned by CBD energy to erect two 225kW Vergnet wind turbines on the Island and connect to the transmission system. Work was also undertaken to modify the power plant control system to enable a high penetration wind-diesel strategy to be implemented to extract more wind energy and stabilise the grid.

Wyangala Dam Radial Gates


Upgrade of electrics and controls for 8 radial gates for Wyangala Dam. Significant defects were identified in the issued design during the early stages of the contract, and CNF was asked to revise the design to alleviate the problems. The design solution selected was “motion control” which will facilitate cutover and commissioning, while providing enhanced operability and gate positioning throughout the life of the asset.  

CNFA Solutions by Design Wyangala Dam Radial gates
CNFA Solutions by Design Graphite Energy Storage

Graphite Energy Storage



CNF was responsible for all aspects of the design and testing of a prototype Thermal Energy Storage Module (ESM) for CBD Energy. The ESM stored 5.2MWHrs of thermal energy in graphite at temperatures over 650 degrees C. A steam proving plant was constructed to verify that a system of six ESMs could drive a turbine for the duration specified by CBD Energy