CNFA What we do



CNF undertakes project planning as either a stand-alone activity or as one of the initial phases in project delivery. Project planning defines the project activities, assesses the likely risks, estimates the costs and agrees the desired outcomes and then determines how these outcomes will be best achieved.


We work with our clients to develop the concept design and to prepare a project delivery plan.  The major activities and tasks are identified along with estimates of time, cost and resources required to implement the project and deliver the required outcomes.


Our aim is to develop an achievable project plan which can be realistically implemented, a realistic cost estimate and a set of identified risks which can be assessed and mitigated against.




Our design method includes:

the formulation of design problem statements, consideration of alternative solutions, development of project specifications, feasibility considerations and finally detailed system descriptions which can be in many forms including engineering drawings.


Under direction from the client we will include some or all of the following realistic constraints in development of a design: economic factors, safety, reliability, aesthetics, ethics, and social impact.




Project Delivery


We have developed the skills and methodologies' to deliver projects on time, on budget and complying with both the customer’s requirements and regulatory authorities. Our services in delivering these projects vary from project to project. We are usually involved in all phases of the project, but are often asked to assist in specific project phases.